Tent - Safaris

Elefant in Etosha National Park
Individuals experience African wildlife and scenic wonder in a o­nce in a lifetime adventure while o­n a tent safari. Whether an avid camper or novice outdoors enthusiast, this adventure will not soon be forgotten. Tents are set up at predetermined camps along the safari, some equipped with restaurants, bars and swimming pools.

Tent safaris are customized according to length of stay and activities involved. Licensed, trained, experienced guides and assistants lead journeys across the vast terrain that encompasses everything from seashore coasts to forested mountains. Guides assist with camp set-up and cooking during the safari.

Specially modified vehicles carry passengers and equipment. The vehicles are similar to buses, but constructed to cross the rugged landscape and have extra large windows for viewing and photographic opportunities. Walking, mountain biking and ATV tours are also available along the way.

Experience sitting around the campfire o­n the African savannah and watch zebras, elephants or other big game as they commune at National Park waterholes. Guests have the opportunity to see the oldest deserts and the highest sand dunes in the world. Surf down the side of the sunset coloured sand dunes with specially made boards or swim in a canyon river.

Along the coast, marine boat tours provide whale and dolphin watching options or guests can ride in a canoe down an African river. Visit cheetahs, leopards and other big cats at the Etosha National Park, a local rehabilitation center. Observe herds of wild horses crossing the plains. Stopping at various villages throughout the safari provides the opportunity to meet native peoples and experience local culture and heritage.