Okavango River
Namibia is a place that is full of wonder. No part of Namibia may be more wonderful than its Kavango region. Namibia has thirteen regions in all. Kavango gets considerably higher rainfall than the other regions of Namibia. There is great potential for this region to be developed for harvesting many valuable crops. Kavango shares its northern border with the Cuando Cubango Province of Angola. The southwestern border is shared with the country of Botswana. It's domestic borders are with Caprivi in the east, Otjozondjupa in the south, Oshikoto in the west, Ohangwena in the northwest.

The region has nine electoral constituencies. This region is unique for how uneven its population is distributed. The northernmost strip of land in the region is the most populated, due in part to the Okavango River. Most of the interior of the region is very sparsely populated. The Kavango tribe lives near the Okavango River. There are o­nly two seasons that occur in the 16,000 square miles that make up the Kavango region. They o­nly get summer and winter. Spring and fall do not occur in the Kavango region. Kavango is also the name of the language that is spoken throughout the land. The people of Kavango are well-known for their outstanding skill in wood carving and the craftsmanship of different items like masks, bowls, furniture, and other items. Horticulture and raising livestock, such as cattle and other barn yard animals, are the two industries from which Kavango derives almost the whole of the country's economy. The food that is grown throughout o­ne year is o­nly enough to feed the country's people for that year. The coast is the best place to visit because the climate in that area is dry and cool.

Kavango is a beautiful place to visit or make a home.