Family Safaris

Safari in Etosha National Park
A unique and memorable experience is waiting for families who consider a safari in Namibia Africa. The people love children and are enthusiastic to share knowledge of the environment that includes native traditions and customs to plant and animal life. The majority of Namibia is malaria free but prophylactic medications can be obtained and precautions are taken to ensure the health and well-being of families.

Safaris are designed and tailored to suit individual’s requirements and desires, taking into consideration the age of the children. The region encompasses a variety of terrain from seacoasts to mountain ranges and tours are taken o­n foot, by camel or in vehicles. Families take self-guided or expert guided safaris at various times of throughout the day and into the evening. Accommodations are available for any budget and include luxury bush camps to resorts. Some budget facilities contain indoor plumbing, swimming pools and restaurants.

Families have plenty of options to view animals o­n the open plains or drive to visit sites like the Etosha National Park. Guests have the opportunity to track cheetah, leopard and hyena along with trained personnel. Observe first hand as big game animals commune around o­ne of the various watering holes. The park is a rehabilitation center, which obtains animals that have been abandoned as infants or caught in traps. The center cares for the animals in hopes that o­ne day they will return to the wild.

A family safari may include venturing to Brandberg Mountain to witness a 20,000 year old rock painting believed to have been drawn by ancient Bushmen. Various petroglyphs engraved by the people are also in the vicinity. Guests have the option of visiting a nearby village to learn the simple way of life of the native people along with traditions, customs and stories. Visitors may also take a trip to a local mining community to observe how semi-precious stones are obtained.