Caprivi Game Park

Village in Caprivi
When traveling in Namibia, o­ne should make sure that the Caprivi Game Park is o­n the itinerary. The Caprivi Game Park in the northeastern part of Namibia is situated between Angola and Botswana. It covers an area of approximately 5,715 square km. and reaches from the Okavango River to the Kwando River, a distance of 180 km. The area was officially named the “Caprivi Game Park” in 1968. However, at that time, the South Africa Defense Force controlled the area, and the park was not cared for, hindering its development. In 1999, the park was renamed “Bwabwata National Park”.

The Caprivi Game Park is a flat expanse of land, except for some sand hills covered with vegetation. The majority of the park is covered with broad-leafed trees such as copal wood, wild teak, and wild seringa. Because the area was not well maintained in the past, there are few tourist facilities, and there is just o­ne road accessible to most cars. However, there are several 4x4 tracks along the Kwando River. If o­ne wishes to view the flora and fauna of the park, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended in order to reach your destination.

Within the Game Park, several different species of animals may be sighted, due the proximity to the river. These include elephants, buffalo, lions and hippos. In addition, o­ne may be able to view leopards, roan, kudu and other antelopes. For those who are interested in viewing unique birds, a great number of bird species can be found in the wetlands of the Caprivi Game Park.

Although there are no lodging sites available within the park, several campsites are accessible to those using a 4x4 in their travels. o­ne precaution, which anyone visiting Namibia should take, is to be up to date with his or her malaria prevention as it is prevalent in this area. When o­ne’s travels lead them to Namibia, a visit to the Caprivi Game Park is o­ne site which should be at the top of their “to do” list.