In the northern regions of the Kalahari desert, there is a swath of land known as Bushmanland. This area is known not o­nly for its wild vegetation but also for the Bushmen people who congregate in small villages all throughout the region. Their ability to adapt to what the land gives them and their understanding of how to survive in their natural habitat is truly something amazing for anyone visiting Namibia to see. There are many different places for a person to visit and take up shelter in Bushmenland, as the area is ripe with natural beauty that allows visitors to see just how alluring this part of the world can be.

Visitors to the Bushmenland area can take up residence at the Tsumkwe Country Lodge while they are visiting the area. This lodge offers up the chance to not o­nly take some of the most beautiful safari trips in the world but also be situated amongst the various Bushmen tribes that inhabit the surrounding areas. Nhoma Camp is also another area that affords visitors a pleasant stay while they are exploring Bushmenland. o­ne of the best aspects of Nhoma Camp is that visitors can see the Bushmen hunt for food, as the lodge is located o­n a conservation that is allowed to be explored by natural inhabitants. You can also interact with the local hunters who are skilled marksmen appointed to find food for the local villages.

This part of Namibia is known for both its beauty and the in-depth view that it gives visitors of just what the Bushmen need to do to survive. Bushmenland creates an environment of interaction that is normally unseen in the African wild, where visitors can actually talk with and discuss hunting plans with the Bushmen and then watch as they carry out their hunt. In a very intriguing part of the world, Bushmenland sets itself apart as being o­ne of the most awe-inspiring habitats available to the human eye.